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Divorce without children, including Marital Settlement Agreement. (MSA) $525.00 (payable in two payments)

Divorce with children (OR) Asset & Debt assignment. Including MSA. $625.00.00 (payable in two payments.)

Divorce with children (AND) asset & debt assignment.  Including MSA. $675.00

Establish parental rights, custody, visitation and support. $325.00

Modify an existing order. $325.00

Family law mediation.

Legal name change. $325.00

Guardianship. $500.00

Adoptions. $500.00

Will and family Living Trust with an Advance Medical Directive-package $475.00

We also offer financial services for debt and judgment collections and Writ of Executions.  Call for a personalized quote.

Confidential Comfort Paralegal-LDA offers an array of other services.  Please call or email with any questions you may have.


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